Holly + Mina Married


It was love at first flu shot. Mina was Holly's pharmacist, and he spotted her in a CVS in downtown Charleston on a fall afternoon in 2014. Kindly, he approached her and advised her to get a flu shot...She took his advice, and the two were enamored with each other. Their story continues with more chance encounters. Nearly a year later, they ran into each other while walking around downtown. Having recalled their previous encounter, they struck up conversation, and a date followed!

Many dates later, trips around the world, and a surprise proposal led up to their incredible wedding. Located in downtown Charleston where their story began, Holly + Mina's wedding was one of Charleston's most beautiful, I'm certain! From the holiday bliss that surrounded their December wedding to their jingle bell exit, Holly + Mina's wedding day was full of joy and festive fabulousness. 

Congratulations, Holly + Mina!