Kaitlin + Tim Married

June 10, 2017

My heart is still soaring from this easy, breezy, beautiful wedding. Although that phrase is used all too often, it's quite literally exactly how Kaitlin + Tim's wedding day can be described. 

Kaitlin + Tim are some of the kindest, most genuinely laid-back folks I have met. From the moment I met them, I knew their day was more about celebrating being together and having a good time than worrying about tons of details. From the ceremony under the willows to cornhole in the sunshine, their wedding was effortlessly lovely.

It's hard not to gush over Kaitlin's floral Betsy Johnson shoes or the rustic-chic barn chandeliers, but the sweetest of all is the way Kaitlin + Tim embrace one another. Her gorgeous smile and his gentle nature exude such genuine sweetness.

Congratulations, Kaitlin + Tim!!