Kitty + Kyle Engaged

February 25, 2017

Meet my best friend since 7th grade. She's wicked smart, absolutely gorgeous, and makes everything incredibly fun. She finds a way to giggle about almost everything and keeps me sane and grounded when I need a bit of loving honesty. I couldn't possibly imagine someone as wonderful and brilliant as Kitty -- until I met Kyle. 

They met at Clemson University studying microbiology (again, wicked smart) and always noticed each other in the wasn't until a huge exam approached that they considered being study partners. It was love at first molecule. You get to know someone pretty darn well when you're always studying together, checking in between classes, and staying up for late-night work sessions. Pretty soon, they were in love.

As I mentioned earlier, Kitty is my best friend -- I'm obviously going to be somewhat protective because she's basically a sister to me. I wanted her to be with someone who cherished everything that makes Kitty so special, who encourages her and supports her and loves her even when things are hard. Kyle is everything like that and more. I'll let the way he looks at her in these pictures speak for themselves, and I'll try not to cry while going through their session again! ;)

I adore you, Kitty + Kyle!! Congratulations!!