Irene + George Married

January 14, 2017

Irene + George's day felt like re-reading your favorite book. Imagine cozying up in your snuggliest flannel, drinking a hot cup of coffee, and opening the book to your favorite part..the instant joy that blankets you, the comfort of reliving a happiness that has carried with you ever since you first encountered it.

Irene + George met as camp counselors at Kanuga a few years ago, and it was love at first campout. They endured homesick campers, torrential rain, endless laughter, some tears (usually because of the laughter), and all of the ups and downs that camp brings you. Through it all, they stuck together and grew in their love for one another as well as this place that brought them together: Kanuga.

It only made sense to be married there...cozied up just like I described earlier, returning to this place they had made their home, nestled between the mountains and the friends they love. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures from their day. What an incredible evening of friendship, fellowship, and -- dare I say it? -- flannels :)