Irene + George

They say that you make the best friends in the world at camp. You work all day (and sometimes all night) to make a life-changing experience for your campers - and in turn, you walk away with a happy heart, a couple bruises, a few more freckles, and memories that last a lifetime. You build a camaraderie with your fellow counselors who are there for you any second you need them: through campouts in the pouring rain, homesick kids, hours of playing in the sunshine, singing at the top of your lungs, and campfires that could tell some stories.  

Irene and George met at Camp Kanuga in the summer of 2014. They were two passionate, excited counselors who had no idea that making food over a campfire would be the first of many meals they would share together. As sweet summer days faded into starry nights, they knew this was something special. They traveled to see each other for two years. George, who lived in North Carolina, and Irene, who lived in Florida, clung to their memories and love for each other - which all began with a campout in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

They share a love of coffee, books, mountains, serving others, and of course: adventure. I was thrilled to spend a day with them in Asheville, dodging the ominous rain clouds looming overhead, cozying into coffee shops and breweries, and finding little hidden treasures and nooks along the streets of downtown Asheville. After all, this was where they spent some of their first dates together.

Irene and George will be married at Kanuga in January of 2017. 

Congratulations to my fellow Kanugians!!