Emily + Caleb Married

October 1, 2016

How can I put into words the utter joy, the tangible bliss, the radiant love that embodied this precious day? I can show you with photographs, but Emily and Caleb's love is something out of this world...something that you can't describe because it's something you feel; excitement and contagious belly laughs and utter adoration for one another. A love that covers mountains. 

As we walked through the day, we couldn't help but look outside and gawk at the sky above; crisp blue skies holding tufts of clouds and sunshine to kiss our faces. At first, Emily and Caleb had found a lovely wedding venue in Greenville, SC--but as the year went on, they noticed they found peace somewhere else entirely: on their hikes together in Pisgah Forest in Brevard, NC. I think it almost started out as a joke--they turned to one another on the top of Black Balsam and said, Why don't we just get married here? Moments later, they realized it would be absolutely perfect.

Guests donned their Chacos, fleece jackets, and nicest flannels as they ascended the mountain to reach the peak where Emily and Caleb would be married. From the first moment Caleb saw Emily, to an evening of dancing complete with a totally rad Mac & Cheese Bar, their day was full of happy tears and soul-filling laughter. 

Congratulations, Caleb and Emily Martin! May you dance through life the way you danced at your wedding (to Soulja Boy, of course) and live happily ever after with your mountains and Ophira, the most beautiful mountain kitten ever.