Holly + Mina Married


It was love at first flu shot. Mina was Holly's pharmacist, and he spotted her in a CVS in downtown Charleston on a fall afternoon in 2014. Kindly, he approached her and advised her to get a flu shot...She took his advice, and the two were enamored with each other. Their story continues with more chance encounters. Nearly a year later, they ran into each other while walking around downtown. Having recalled their previous encounter, they struck up conversation, and a date followed!

Many dates later, trips around the world, and a surprise proposal led up to their incredible wedding. Located in downtown Charleston where their story began, Holly + Mina's wedding was one of Charleston's most beautiful, I'm certain! From the holiday bliss that surrounded their December wedding to their jingle bell exit, Holly + Mina's wedding day was full of joy and festive fabulousness. 

Congratulations, Holly + Mina!


Di + Siyuan Married


Two best friends, Di + Siyuan, met in college in China. When it came to pursuing their Masters degrees in the U.S., neither time nor distance could keep them apart. They traveled back-and-forth between Washington, D.C. and New York almost every weekend to see each other. Finally united on their wedding day, Di + Siyuan's love and friendship radiated the purest joy and utter bliss knowing they will finally be together, forever.

Korey + Rob Married

October 7, 2017


The first time I talked to Korey + Rob, I could tell we would be friends. We share a love of the mountains, God, barbecue, Whole 30, and dancing. We started talking wedding logistics and found ourselves laughing and sharing sweet stories instead. Naturally, when their wedding day arrived, I was so excited and honored to be there. At first, the day was full of sunshine and blue skies...as the ceremony drew near, the sky grew gray and a mist settled upon the mountains. Instead of worrying about a little rain, Korey and Rob decided to celebrate their love together outside with an abbreviated ceremony and the most gorgeous autumn backdrop you could imagine! Soggy shoes, rain-splattered pants, and the most contagious laughter and love make Korey + Rob's wedding one of the most incredible events I've been lucky enough to witness. See for yourself!

Kaitlin + Tim Married

June 10, 2017

My heart is still soaring from this easy, breezy, beautiful wedding. Although that phrase is used all too often, it's quite literally exactly how Kaitlin + Tim's wedding day can be described. 

Kaitlin + Tim are some of the kindest, most genuinely laid-back folks I have met. From the moment I met them, I knew their day was more about celebrating being together and having a good time than worrying about tons of details. From the ceremony under the willows to cornhole in the sunshine, their wedding was effortlessly lovely.

It's hard not to gush over Kaitlin's floral Betsy Johnson shoes or the rustic-chic barn chandeliers, but the sweetest of all is the way Kaitlin + Tim embrace one another. Her gorgeous smile and his gentle nature exude such genuine sweetness.

Congratulations, Kaitlin + Tim!!

Brittany + Bryan

May 2, 2017

If I could look up "Perfect spring day for an engagement session," Brittany + Bryan's would be the FIRST to appear!! Brittany and Bryan met studying music at a small college in N.C. called Gardner Webb. They were best friends from the start -- always hanging out together, understanding one another like no one else could. Then one day, Bryan opened up to Brittany and told her he had feelings for her...at first, Brittany could only see him as her friend...but it didn't take too long for her to realize that this precious soul who had stood by her side for years was the perfect match for her.

Through the rest of college, through graduate school and new jobs, Brittany + Bryan remained the adorable lovebirds that they are. Earlier this spring, the perfect day arrived for Bryan to ask Brittany to be hers forever. He surprised her by bringing together her family and friends from all over the U.S., and she cried with a resounding "YES!" Check out their whimsical and light-filled engagement session; from urban chic to golden hour goodness, they are STUNNING!

Tracy + Ron Married

April 29, 2017


April 29, 2017

Tracy + Ron are two incredible souls who found true love later in life. After experiencing ups and downs and everything in between, the stars aligned in recent years to allow their paths to cross in the quaint mountain town of Hendersonville, North Carolina. They clicked instantly. Tracy has this warm, inviting smile and a laugh that makes you feel like you've been friends for years. Ron is kind and a little quieter, and he carries himself with this gentle, grateful presence that radiates genuine appreciation for life's beauty and the blessings all around him. They're probably the sweetest duo those mountains have ever seen. I'll let their pictures do the talkin':

Kitty + Kyle Engaged

February 25, 2017

Meet my best friend since 7th grade. She's wicked smart, absolutely gorgeous, and makes everything incredibly fun. She finds a way to giggle about almost everything and keeps me sane and grounded when I need a bit of loving honesty. I couldn't possibly imagine someone as wonderful and brilliant as Kitty -- until I met Kyle. 

They met at Clemson University studying microbiology (again, wicked smart) and always noticed each other in the classroom...it wasn't until a huge exam approached that they considered being study partners. It was love at first molecule. You get to know someone pretty darn well when you're always studying together, checking in between classes, and staying up for late-night work sessions. Pretty soon, they were in love.

As I mentioned earlier, Kitty is my best friend -- I'm obviously going to be somewhat protective because she's basically a sister to me. I wanted her to be with someone who cherished everything that makes Kitty so special, who encourages her and supports her and loves her even when things are hard. Kyle is everything like that and more. I'll let the way he looks at her in these pictures speak for themselves, and I'll try not to cry while going through their session again! ;)

I adore you, Kitty + Kyle!! Congratulations!!

Irene + George Married

January 14, 2017

Irene + George's day felt like re-reading your favorite book. Imagine cozying up in your snuggliest flannel, drinking a hot cup of coffee, and opening the book to your favorite part..the instant joy that blankets you, the comfort of reliving a happiness that has carried with you ever since you first encountered it.

Irene + George met as camp counselors at Kanuga a few years ago, and it was love at first campout. They endured homesick campers, torrential rain, endless laughter, some tears (usually because of the laughter), and all of the ups and downs that camp brings you. Through it all, they stuck together and grew in their love for one another as well as this place that brought them together: Kanuga.

It only made sense to be married there...cozied up just like I described earlier, returning to this place they had made their home, nestled between the mountains and the friends they love. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures from their day. What an incredible evening of friendship, fellowship, and -- dare I say it? -- flannels :)

Megan + Robby Married

January 7, 2017

Ever wonder what it's like to be in a real-life musical? Megan and Robby's winter wonderland wedding was exactly that  -  a snowy mountain scape full of singing, dancing, and more singing! Talk about Frozen vibes! This sweet singin' duo met in college performing in shows together as the two leads that fall in love; and their musical romance only continues as they dance through life as husband and wife!

Check out their stunning style - blue velvet coupled with fur, paisley, and dried lagurus make for a breath-taking, wildly unique day!
Thank you both for letting me be a part of your fairytale!

Emily + Caleb Married

October 1, 2016

How can I put into words the utter joy, the tangible bliss, the radiant love that embodied this precious day? I can show you with photographs, but Emily and Caleb's love is something out of this world...something that you can't describe because it's something you feel; excitement and contagious belly laughs and utter adoration for one another. A love that covers mountains. 

As we walked through the day, we couldn't help but look outside and gawk at the sky above; crisp blue skies holding tufts of clouds and sunshine to kiss our faces. At first, Emily and Caleb had found a lovely wedding venue in Greenville, SC--but as the year went on, they noticed they found peace somewhere else entirely: on their hikes together in Pisgah Forest in Brevard, NC. I think it almost started out as a joke--they turned to one another on the top of Black Balsam and said, Why don't we just get married here? Moments later, they realized it would be absolutely perfect.

Guests donned their Chacos, fleece jackets, and nicest flannels as they ascended the mountain to reach the peak where Emily and Caleb would be married. From the first moment Caleb saw Emily, to an evening of dancing complete with a totally rad Mac & Cheese Bar, their day was full of happy tears and soul-filling laughter. 

Congratulations, Caleb and Emily Martin! May you dance through life the way you danced at your wedding (to Soulja Boy, of course) and live happily ever after with your mountains and Ophira, the most beautiful mountain kitten ever. 

Margaret + Kyle

Ever wonder what it's like to be in a real-life fairy tale? That's exactly what it felt like to be at Margaret & Kyle's wedding! Everywhere I looked, I found something magical waiting to be discovered--gnomes nestled in fairy homes, twinkly lights laced delicately in trees...It was nothing short of dreamy. Bluegrass music painted the day with the classic appalachian vibes. From the purple flowers woven throughout the mountainside to the bonfire and mason jars, this day was a stunning collage of etherial delight and mountain magic.

Congratulations Kyle & Margaret!

Summer + Phillip - Married!

June 4, 2016 -

It was the quintessential summer day; the wind rustled bright green leaves in trees that reached up to greet a jovial blue sky. I arrived with plenty of time to explore the property, which only seemed to make me smile more and more with each step. Dodgin's Barn served the day with beauty and dignity: A rustic-chic property where expansive, luscious green fields meet a fresh-faced barn. 

After shooting Summer and Phillip's engagement a few months prior, I felt like we had been friends for years. Walking around with these two and seeing their excitement build from their engagement shoot to the wedding made this day special to me as well. 

From the girls getting ready with champagne and early 2000s jams, to the guys piled into an air-conditioned room with beer and laughter to escape the afternoon rays, this group welcomed me into their ultra-relaxed, gorgeous day with ease. 

The sunshine graced us with her presence until the last possible second. Phillip and Summer giggled as the sky darkened during the ceremony, the thunder practically enunciating the "I Do"s. I have never taken post-ceremony pictures so quickly! Drop by drop, the sky began to open up. The second Summer and Phillip stepped inside the reception tent, it monsooned! 

Rain or shine, this group knew how to celebrate life, love, and laughter.

Congratulations Summer & Phillip!


Summer + Phillip

Lancaster, SC - it was a delightfully warm day. We had been watching the weather all week with excitement for Saturday, AKA engagement shoot day, which had a giant thundercloud over it on the radar--until the day arrived when I could finally meet Summer and Phillip, and the sun graced us with its presence, peeked its way through the clouds, and blessed us with a dreamy, blissful sky under which we would enjoy the afternoon.

Summer and I had been communicating back-and-forth for months. It's always such a joy to finally put a face behind the kind-worded e-mails and phone calls, and Summer and Phillip were beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. Their kind, easy-going spirits and openness to exploring old barns and overgrown fields made this shoot one of my absolute favorites!

They met years ago, having shared the same circle of friends for years, and their friends had always said they would be perfect for each other. When they met, they knew instantly - their friends were right. Four years, a couple moves, and a new house later--Summer and Phillip are engaged and to be married June 4, 2016!

Congratulations, Summer and Phillip!!