Roanoke Virginia Mountain Wedding

Y’all, I freaking love these two more than I could ever write. When they called me and shared their story, all about how they met and what they’ve been through to arrive at this incredible place in time - I teared up and couldn’t wait to meet these absolutely incredible, precious souls.
Korey + Rob were married in the mountains of Roanoke while those gorgeous blue ridge babes were in perfect fall swing. The day started out bright and sunny, and quickly we realized that the sun was trading places with rain clouds - and we had a choice to make.

Should we just embrace what we are given, knowing that rain and clouds could never outshine the utter joy from these two? Or should we move everything inside? Korey and rob turned to me and asked, “Ray, what should we do? What call do we make?” I looked at the gorgeous mist in the horizon, the glowing reds and oranges swaying softly behind us — and couldn’t imagine celebrating any other way. “Let’s just do it!! Let’s keep your ceremony outside!”

And it was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

Everyone cuddled together under umbrellas and sweaters and watched as these two amazing humans pledged their lives to each other.

It was different than planned, yet more perfect than their wildest dreams.

I love when couples embrace what life throws their way, and decides to dance and make a party out of it anyway.