light- seeker.

Just to name a few pieces of my heart.


I’m a dirt-dwelling mountain babe who is madly in love with my best friend and handsome husband, Ryan. Together we live in the mountains of Virginia with our fur baby, Cleopatra aka Cleo Poof, a rescue Maine Coon kitten. We’re 1000% obsessed with her and all animals in general (so, yes PLEASE bring your dog/cat/ferret/bald eagle to your engagement session or wedding!) I am a pretty goofy person, yet I am way serious and passionate about creating work that leaves you feeling stoked out of your mind.

I started photographing weddings in 2012 while pursuing my Bachelor’s in Photography. My heart totally exploded with joy that first wedding, and it’s only gotten bigger ever since. Bottom line: I am a photographer because I love people. I will run up mountains, climb up trees, and stand on the roof to capture your day to the fullest. I’ll be there holding your dress, re-pinning your hair, and definitely crying from the beauty of it all. I am not ‘just another vendor’ or a box to check on your list of ‘to-do’s’ for your wedding day.

I am your friend.

I value having fun in nature with those who are wild about each other. Those who will let loose, let go, and trust me - it’s going to be dope as hell. Those who celebrate the small things: chasing sunsets, finding a patch of wildflowers, getting dirty in the name of love and adventure. Those who let go of perfection and embrace the REAL – the real stuff is more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Wherever your love + heart want to document your story, I’m ready to jump on a plane to come to you.